The New Tea Party

Friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Tea Party movement lately, and what we can do in TPAIN (Tea Parties for America’s Indivisible Nation) to focus our efforts into real, lasting change. The good kind of change, not the recent bad kind. I’ve been thinking about the original Boston Tea Party, and what it … Continue reading


I was talking about TPAIN (Tea Parties for America’s Indivisible Nation) during the Superbowl this Sunday, and mentioned that we needed a logo. Well, my nephew heard me and thought he had just the thing. A few minutes later he came back with the logo you see here. I didn’t know the boy was that … Continue reading


I shouldn’t have to explain this. Taxes are bad. You might be able to argue that they are a necessary evil, but evil things are bad. Point proven. What makes taxes so bad? Well, several things, and I can’t decide which is the worst so I’ll list a few: Taxes take away money that I … Continue reading