Supreme Liar

There’s something else that needs to be addressed about the State of the Union speech Wednesday. Something maybe even more shameful than what I’ve already written about, and that’s the way that President Obama treated the Supreme Court. Now, I’ve given kudos to the Supremes already for their important strides in corporate civil rights and … Continue reading

State of the Union

I’ve had a little time to think about Wednesday’s State of the Union address, but I can’t address all that is wrong with it in just one post. Here’s a start, though. This address has to be taken in context. The President has failed to pass any major legislation, he’s personally responsible for major stimulus … Continue reading

State of the Union Response

I guess I forgot an option on today’s poll, How Will President Obama Excuse His Utter Failure During Tonight’s State of the Union?, which is All of the Above. I’ll likely post more later, but my initial reaction is: Shame on you, Republicans. I expected the democrats to jump to their feet every few seconds … Continue reading

Poll: How will President Obama excuse his utter failure during tonight’s State of the Union?