The Reagan Test

I got an email (in response to an earlier post) challenging the liberal bias of social studies textbooks. Well, I don’t have any illusion that I’ll be able to convince anyone so obviously unwilling to listen, but maybe you’ll listen to an expert: Professor Larry E. Schweikart, from the University of Dayton. He’s the author … Continue reading


A reader wrote in response to my earlier Conservapedia vs. Wikipedia post, disputing that Wikipedia was biased, and saying that baraminology wasn’t a (and I quote): “generally accepted or acceptable taxonomic classification system“. Well, let me classify your response as wrong. Just look at the quote from Conservapedia, which they took from Jonathan Sarfati on … Continue reading

Conservative Bible Project

Conservapedia has taken a bold new step in starting a Conservative Bible Project. I have to applaud them for their initiative here. There’s more information on their page, of course, but it boils down to making sure that there is a translation of the bible that isn’t muddled up with liberal claptrap and PC language. … Continue reading