And He, Like, You Know, Believes It

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is being attacked from the left for the crime of not being sufficiently anti-Rand Paul. On This Week this week, he had this exchange with Jake Tapper, regarding Paul’s apparent view that individuals should have the right to discriminate on the basis of race: TAPPER: Fair enough, but just … Continue reading

Poll: Why didn’t Rachel Maddow give Rand Paul a fair shake?

Rachel Maddow had Rand Paul on her show last Wednesday, the day after his decisive victory in the Kentucky Republican primary. During the interview she asked him about his position on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He gave an answer which has turned out to be controversial: that he supports the freedom of individuals to … Continue reading

The Freedom of the Oppress

Well, Rand Paul apparently has a problem saying on television the same sort of thing he’ll have published in a newspaper. In 2002, he wrote a letter to the Bowling Green Daily News to criticize the paper for endorsing the Fair Housing Act. From the letter: “A recent Daily News editorial supported the Federal Fair … Continue reading

Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties

Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) was just chosen as the Republican nominee for the Senate in Kentucky, and he’s hit the ground running. He’s already getting a lot of press for some controversial opinions that he’s expressed, which as we all know is free publicity. He’s getting this free coverage for saying that he believes … Continue reading

Back to the Future

Not all the returns are in, but this looks to have been a huge primary day for America. First to Kentucky. Ron Paul’s son ‘Ayn’ Rand Paul, the Tea Party favorite, has beaten out the traditional Conservative candidate Trey Grayson for the Republican Senate nomination for Sen. Jim Bunning’s seat. By almost a 2:1 margin, … Continue reading