I Apologize, But Only If You Take Offense

I am confused. And outraged. Mainly outraged, and then confused. South Carolina State Senator John M. “Jake” Knotts Jr. (whew!) said last Thursday on a local radio show: “We already got one raghead in the White House — we don’t need another in the governor’s mansion … She’s a raghead that’s ashamed of her religion … Continue reading

The Freedom of the Oppress

Well, Rand Paul apparently has a problem saying on television the same sort of thing he’ll have published in a newspaper. In 2002, he wrote a letter to the Bowling Green Daily News to criticize the paper for endorsing the Fair Housing Act. From the letter: “A recent Daily News editorial supported the Federal Fair … Continue reading

Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties

Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) was just chosen as the Republican nominee for the Senate in Kentucky, and he’s hit the ground running. He’s already getting a lot of press for some controversial opinions that he’s expressed, which as we all know is free publicity. He’s getting this free coverage for saying that he believes … Continue reading

Poll: What should be the new slogan for Arizona tourism?

Arizona is being besieged by boycott after boycott since they passed SB1070 (the bill that requires law enforcement to check the papers of anyone they suspect is an illegal alien and detain them if they can’t prove that they’re legal). So it’s no wonder that there’s now an effort to rebrand Arizona and explain why … Continue reading

Separate But Equal

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed another wrongly-controversial bill into law. On April 23 she signed SB1070, which is the Arizona law that mandates that law enforcement officers check the papers of anyone who looks illegal. Now, on May 11, she’s signed a bill banning ethnic studies in Arizona schools. What this means is that … Continue reading

AZ Immigration Law Update

The Wonk Room (obviously named by liberals) has an exclusive report which makes me feel a lot better about the recent changes in the Arizona immigration law. An amendment to SB1070 was passed in the last few days to address all of the whinging and whining from the left. One of the changes in the … Continue reading

The Party of No(t You)

The Republicans are called ‘The Party of No’ (by many on the left) because of the their unwavering opposition to liberals and their ideas. It must seem (to a liberal) like Republicans would oppose anything that the democrats tried to do, regardless of the proposal. It must seem (again, to a liberal) like Republicans would actually … Continue reading

The “R” Factor

I have to condemn the actions of a small minority of hotheads in DC this weekend. Apparently the crowds have gotten ugly, and that just isn’t acceptable. When Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA, and Civil Rights leader in the 1960s) were leaving the Cannon House Office Building Saturday, the crowd is … Continue reading

Chris Matthews: Genius

I got an email disputing my analysis of Chris Matthews’ response to the state of the Union. They asked how Chris Matthews could be a spittle-spewing racist and also be infatuated with President Obama. Well, I’ve never overestimated Matthews’ ability to reason, or the consistency of his opinions, but this got me thinking. F. Scott … Continue reading

Chris Matthews: Shocking

Chris Matthews (the hyperventilating MSNBC Obama-puppet) needs to come clean and just admit he’s a racist, and then resign. He actually admitted, on camera, that he was surprised that he temporarily forgot how much disdain he has for all people of color. He is so much in the President’s pocket, he has so much doe-eyed … Continue reading