Poll: What’s the best way to deal with the census?

I haven’t posted in the last few days, and I apologize. I’ve been laying low. A census worker came to my house because I didn’t turn in the form they mailed to me, so I had to hide. They even went next door to see if my neighbors would rat me out, but they (thankfully) … Continue reading

Poll: Was the Deepwater Horizon spill preventable?

There are a lot of negative Nellies out there lamenting the destruction of the Gulf Coast ecosystem. But they should be asking themselves whether the spill was preventable in the first place. Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) says no: “We probably should have forced BP to mobilize more in the way of vessels. There’s still a … Continue reading

Poll: What will President Obama be impeached for?

There’s increasing clamor to bring impeachment charges against President Obama, but it’s difficult to choose the right basis for the impeachment charges. An early idea was to base the impeachment charges on voter fraud, since he’s not a natural born citizen. The idea was that asking people to vote for an ineligible candidate is illegal. … Continue reading

Poll: Why didn’t Rachel Maddow give Rand Paul a fair shake?

Rachel Maddow had Rand Paul on her show last Wednesday, the day after his decisive victory in the Kentucky Republican primary. During the interview she asked him about his position on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He gave an answer which has turned out to be controversial: that he supports the freedom of individuals to … Continue reading

Poll: What should be the new slogan for Arizona tourism?

Arizona is being besieged by boycott after boycott since they passed SB1070 (the bill that requires law enforcement to check the papers of anyone they suspect is an illegal alien and detain them if they can’t prove that they’re legal). So it’s no wonder that there’s now an effort to rebrand Arizona and explain why … Continue reading

Poll: Why does the Obama Administration insist on giving Miranda Rights to Terrorists?

We got lucky this time. Accused Times Square almost-bomber Faisal Shazbot is apparently still talking to authorities after he learned that (as someone arrested in America) he has Miranda rights. But he doesn’t have to keep talking. Part of the Miranda warning is a reminder that the Fifth Amendment says that you can refuse to … Continue reading

Obama: Not a Natural-Born Citizen?

Well, there’s been another poll that’s supposed to show how out of touch Americans are from reality. It shows that fully 14% of Americans believe that Obama wasn’t born in the United States, and 6% suspect that he wasn’t born here.  That’s about 20% of everyone either believing or suspecting that Obama was not born … Continue reading

Poll: Why did the Transocean Deepwater Horizon burn and sink?

At about 10pm, forty-one miles off the coast of Louisiana, an explosion rocked Transocean Deepwater Horizon, an oil exploration rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The cause is currently unknown, and may be unknowable. Any guesses about the cause are pure speculation. What do you think happened?

Poll: Who will President Obama nominate to replace Justice Stevens?

Quinnipiac Poll

There is a recent poll from Quinnipiac University that’s trying to scare Tea Partiers into not running for office. They say that Republicans have the advantage (44% to 39%) over democrats in the next election unless there’s a Tea Party candidate. Then the democrats win with 36%, the Republican would get 25%, and the Tea … Continue reading