Poll: Was the Deepwater Horizon spill preventable?

There are a lot of negative Nellies out there lamenting the destruction of the Gulf Coast ecosystem. But they should be asking themselves whether the spill was preventable in the first place. Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) says no: “We probably should have forced BP to mobilize more in the way of vessels. There’s still a … Continue reading

Known and Unknown

Yesterday, I quoted Sarah Palin’s facebook post regarding her new neighbor: Joe McGinniss. In the post, she quoted a Robert Frost poem: Mending Wall. Here it is: Mending Wall Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it And spills the upper boulders in the sun, And makes gaps even … Continue reading

Creepy Stalker

Joe McGinniss, ‘journalist’, has moved in next door to the Palin family in Wasilla, Alaska. He plans to write a book about them, and moved to Wasilla for five months to gather primary source material. At least, that’s what he says. What Sarah says is something completely different. From her facebook page: “Spring has sprung … Continue reading

Supremely Qualified

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced today that he is retiring, as of the end of this term. At that time he will be 90 years old, having served on the Court for the last 35 years. Sad to say, he has long out-served his relevance on the Court. When Stevens was nominated by … Continue reading

Soul Solution

I got an emailed question about a recent post where I mentioned that I would always oppose human cloning “because of the soul thing.” The question was: “What the hell are you talking about? “Soul thing”?” Well, I’ll explain. I shouldn’t have to, but I will. Each human has one (and exactly one) soul. Let’s … Continue reading

Just Kidding!

In my last post I said that the thought of making more Sarah Palins was “almost enough to make me reconsider my opposition to human cloning.” April Fools! I would never reconsider my opposition to human cloning. You know, because of the soul thing.

Quinnipiac Poll

There is a recent poll from Quinnipiac University that’s trying to scare Tea Partiers into not running for office. They say that Republicans have the advantage (44% to 39%) over democrats in the next election unless there’s a Tea Party candidate. Then the democrats win with 36%, the Republican would get 25%, and the Tea … Continue reading

Sarah’s a Stand-Up Gal

Apparently there have been some recent accusations about Sarah Palin’s stand-up appearance on the reboot of the Jay Leno Tonight Show. An audio engineer in the audience said that he believed that the audio track had been modified, or sweetened,  before the show was broadcast to change the apparent audience reaction. Well, so that you … Continue reading

The New Know Nothings

Sarah Palin said last week in Little Rock: “Now the smart thing will be for independents who are such a part of this Tea Party movement to, I guess, kind of start picking a party. Which party reflects how that smaller, smarter government steps to be taken? Which party will best fit you? And then … Continue reading

Poll: Who should be Sarah Palin’s running mate in 2012?