Jumping on the Grenade

There’s an old phrase: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” That’s generally good advice, except when your enemies have that patchouli-stink that sticks in your nose. Then it’s okay just to keep an eye on them from a reasonable distance. But what this means (in the context of this page) is that, although … Continue reading

Drinking that Birch Beer

This year’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) Conference has ended. This year may have been the most important CPAC Conference in recent history. There wasn’t much of substance accomplished (there never is, because that’s not the point), but this is shaping up to be the reshaping of the Republican party. Into a good shape, this … Continue reading

Chris Matthews: Genius

I got an email disputing my analysis of Chris Matthews’ response to the state of the Union. They asked how Chris Matthews could be a spittle-spewing racist and also be infatuated with President Obama. Well, I’ve never overestimated Matthews’ ability to reason, or the consistency of his opinions, but this got me thinking. F. Scott … Continue reading

Chris Matthews: Shocking

Chris Matthews (the hyperventilating MSNBC Obama-puppet) needs to come clean and just admit he’s a racist, and then resign. He actually admitted, on camera, that he was surprised that he temporarily forgot how much disdain he has for all people of color. He is so much in the President’s pocket, he has so much doe-eyed … Continue reading