A Drop in the Ocean

To tell the truth, I was getting a little worried about the sheer scale of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. After the estimates of how fast oil was gushing into the Gulf were increased by several times, I began to worry that this was going to be a huge environmental catastrophe. After … Continue reading

Mathematical Proof that Al Gore Lies

Climate Change alarmists bandy about graphs and charts and what-not in an attempt to confuse regular folks. They know that you are less likely to challenge them if they have something that looks like empirical proof that they are right. It doesn’t really have to be proof, it just has to look like proof. The … Continue reading

Faking the Climate Change Numbers

Leftist scientists and environmental alarmists are pushing the extremist climate change agenda, but the American People are much too smart for them. You can’t make the American People believe something ┬áthat doesn’t make sense on the face of it; it just won’t work. And that’s not just my opinion. Take a look at this Rasmussen … Continue reading

American Health Care is the Best in the World

The American Health Care system is the best in the world. Everybody knows that. Why else would foreign dignitaries come here for their health care? You hear about it all the time. But I don’t have to rely on anecdotal evidence for my proof. I have actual proof. We spend more on health care than … Continue reading

Cloture as a Natural Process

There was some whingeing and hand-wringing about my recent post on the filibuster and cloture. There seems to be a belief that just because the filibuster was rare in the past and is common now, that this is an unnatural situation. Nonsense. Exponential functions always start out small and grow exponentially. By definition. Didn’t you … Continue reading


There’s been a lot of whining from the left lately about Republicans using the filibuster. Well, with such a minority, how else can Republicans stop the democrats from instituting their socialist policies? Besides, it’s part of a natural increase in the use of the filibuster, and as such nothing can be done. For those lucky … Continue reading