Reconciliation and the Nuclear Option

There’s been a lot of accusing the democrats of threatening the ‘nuclear option‘ by trying to pass Obamacare through reconciliation. I’m going to go against my nature and defend the democrats on this one. They aren’t. A little history… Back when President George W. Bush was trying to get some federal judges approved by the … Continue reading

Patriotism and the Presidency

I got an angry email from an angry reader the other day: “When did it suddenly become patriotic to work against the President in a time of war? I remember that when President Chimp [George Walker Bush -ed.] was President and I questioned his decision to go to war in Iraq I was called unpatriotic, … Continue reading

Mahatma Bartleby

It’s easy to feel down about the state of America today. President George W. Bush spent eight years making us safer and making sure America was on the right path, and now all of that is over. In just a year, we have unprecedented job losses, a failed economy, huge government handouts to companies that … Continue reading