Worst Case Scenario

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Transocean Deepwater Horizon/BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. From Bloomberg: “The worst-case scenario is Christmas time,” Dan Pickering, the head of research at energy investor Tudor Pickering Holt & Co. in Houston, said. “This process is teaching us to be skeptical of deadlines.” Actually, … Continue reading

Obama: A ‘B’ Mao?

Some of you might have noticed that I like anagrams. That’s because they can illustrate alternate meanings in an elegant way. One classic example is “Grow a Spine”, which (when rearranged) spells “Spiro Agnew”. And “Spine”, which has it’s own body-part anagram. An example from this site is “Elena Kagan…or Nae, Ken, a Gal”, which … Continue reading


Well, I may be prescient. The markets took a huge, record-breaking dip yesterday, and it looks like the result of a careless error. The same kind of error that could be caused by the consumption of substandard gyro meat. This is exactly what I predicted in a post just this Tuesday in my analysis of … Continue reading

Greek Tragedy

I’m as worried as anyone about this whole Greece situation. Their economy is in tatters, their government is broke, and bailing them out may collapse the European Union. And who knows what that could foment? Utter chaos in the United States. Let me paint a terrifying narrative of what could happen: Greece needs money. A … Continue reading

Say D’Oh! Massa Kissed.

Finally, a gay democrat scandal. It’s been so long since Barney Frank’s boyfriend’s home business that I though it might never happen again. After all, it’s not exactly a scandal to be a gay democrat. But it has happened, and it’s a good one. Of course, I’m talking about the (until recently) Rep. Eric Massa … Continue reading

Run, Sarah, Run!

Sarah Palin has again shown why she would be a better President than President Barack Hussein Obama. In a recent interview with Fox News she said a whole slew of things that are obvious to clear-headed Conservatives, but that you can’t often say without hearing a bunch of whining from the left. About Attorney General … Continue reading

State of the Union

I’ve had a little time to think about Wednesday’s State of the Union address, but I can’t address all that is wrong with it in just one post. Here’s a start, though. This address has to be taken in context. The President has failed to pass any major legislation, he’s personally responsible for major stimulus … Continue reading

Poll: How will President Obama excuse his utter failure during tonight’s State of the Union?

Poll: What is President Obama’s biggest first-year failure?