Texas School Board Update

The Texas State Board of Education approved the new standards, as detailed here and here. This will end the era of liberal brainwashing of our children. No longer will McCarthyism be denigrated. No longer will the Confederacy be minimized. No longer will the theocratic roots of our country be hidden. That is, unless the standards … Continue reading

Mathematical Proof that Al Gore Lies

Climate Change alarmists bandy about graphs and charts and what-not in an attempt to confuse regular folks. They know that you are less likely to challenge them if they have something that looks like empirical proof that they are right. It doesn’t really have to be proof, it just has to look like proof. The … Continue reading

The Reagan Test

I got an email (in response to an earlier post) challenging the liberal bias of social studies textbooks. Well, I don’t have any illusion that I’ll be able to convince anyone so obviously unwilling to listen, but maybe you’ll listen to an expert: Professor Larry E. Schweikart, from the University of Dayton. He’s the author … Continue reading

Well, Some of the Victors

You might have noticed that a lot of the SBOE vote totals don’t add up to fifteen (the total number of Board Members). Some of these were due to Board Members abstaining, but not all of them. At a certain point last Thursday, Board Member Mary Helen Berlanga left, saying: “I’ve done all I can … Continue reading

History is Written by the Victors

I don’t think that I’m going out on a limb when I say that brainwashing is wrong. You might disagree with me, but I (for one) intend to stand up for morality. That’s why I was encouraged this week when I read about the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), who is now debating what … Continue reading

Der Schule is in Session

After this video, I have come to the conclusion that not all rap is bad. Hopefully, this will help convert the next generation of rap fans into Hayekians (or at least away from being Keynesians).

A Liberal Education

North Carolina schools may soon limit history classes to the post-1877 period, starting with President Hayes. As one of the officials said: “We are certainly not trying to go away from American history. What we are trying to do is figure out a way to teach it where students are connected to it, where they … Continue reading


Some days you just can’t win. I’ve received several emails commenting on my earlier clarification of Occam’s Razor, saying that Tautology isn’t a science. Really? The suffix -ology means ‘the study of’, and is used in sciences like biology, psychology, physiology, and paleontology. I trust I’ve proven my point using the science of word origins … Continue reading

Occam’s Razor

I have gotten a couple of emails saying that I am misrepresenting Occam’s Razor in a previous post. I said that it means: “If it’s the simplest explanation, then it’s true.” They tell me that it’s more complicated than that, that it only means that it’s more likely to be true, etc. But listen here: … Continue reading