Gather Your Armies

Rick Barber, an Alabama Republican and candidate for Congress, has forced a runoff for the Republican nomination. The runoff is being held on Tuesday, July 13, and I strongly suggest that all Alabamans show up to the polls and exercise their American right to participate in their own governance. It’s our own form of participatory … Continue reading

Obama Commits Impeachable Offense!

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) dropped a bombshell recently when he stated that the Obama administration had offered him a job if he didn’t run against Sen. Arlen Spector (D-PA) in the primary there. Now it seems that bombshell may have landed squarely in Obama’s lap, and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is trying to find the … Continue reading

America: Speak Out!

I don’t have to tell you that democrats are out of touch with everyday Americans. They couldn’t care less what you think, because they already think they know what’s best for you. House Republicans, on the other hand, really care. They care so much that they’ve made a website dedicated to letting normal Americans suggest … Continue reading

Obama: Thin-skinned

President Obama went to Capitol Hill Tuesday for a closed-door meeting with Senate Republicans. He was apparently trying to drum up support for his policies, and wasn’t very successful. Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) said: “He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans. He’s pretty thin-skinned.” Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) … Continue reading

Note to My Representative

You are not listening to the American People. You are not listening to the American People! And by listening, I mean obeying. And by the American People, I mean me. I think that I’ve been fairly clear in what I want, and you’re not doing any of it. And even though I didn’t vote for … Continue reading

Just Kidding!

In my last post I said that the thought of making more Sarah Palins was “almost enough to make me reconsider my opposition to human cloning.” April Fools! I would never reconsider my opposition to human cloning. You know, because of the soul thing.

A Slight Revision

In a recent post, I mentioned that apparently Keynesians are breaking the office windows of democrat representatives and party headquarters. Although I am still sure that the vandals are trying to make a principled economic point (as I explained so cogently earlier), there is at least two politically motivated brick throwers. The brick thrown through … Continue reading

A Well Deserved Break

Well, that didn’t take nearly as long as I had hoped. The reconciliation bill passed (with the changes) and was passed by the House as well, all before 9pm Thursday. I guess they’ll relax Friday, maybe take a sauna, and think about how to best convert America into a progressive socialist oligarchy after the break. … Continue reading

The Fix Needs a Fix

Success! Senate Republicans succeeded in finding something in the senate reconciliation package that the Senate Parliamentarian has ruled needs to be changed. I don’t have all the details yet, but it seems to be something having to do with the other part of the Senate bill that passed Obamacare. You know, the part about student … Continue reading

Irreconcilable Differences

The Senate democrats are trying to get the reconciliation bill passed, exactly as-is. The Senate Republicans are trying to stop this, by trying to change the reconciliation package in some way. In any way. One word would be enough. You see, if the Senate reconciliation package is different in any way from HR4872 then it … Continue reading