Reconciliation and the Nuclear Option

There’s been a lot of accusing the democrats of threatening the ‘nuclear option‘ by trying to pass Obamacare through reconciliation. I’m going to go against my nature and defend the democrats on this one. They aren’t. A little history… Back when President George W. Bush was trying to get some federal judges approved by the … Continue reading

Cloture as a Natural Process

There was some whingeing and hand-wringing about my recent post on the filibuster and cloture. There seems to be a belief that just because the filibuster was rare in the past and is common now, that this is an unnatural situation. Nonsense. Exponential functions always start out small and grow exponentially. By definition. Didn’t you … Continue reading

The Immoral Cloture

I got an email about my post on the filibuster, asking: “You’re counting cloture votes, not filibusters. Why is that? Cloture motions are requests to stop filibusters, and as such are good. They help the Senate do business. Shouldn’t you be counting and condemning filibusters themselves?” Well, there is a difference between cloture motions and … Continue reading


There’s been a lot of whining from the left lately about Republicans using the filibuster. Well, with such a minority, how else can Republicans stop the democrats from instituting their socialist policies? Besides, it’s part of a natural increase in the use of the filibuster, and as such nothing can be done. For those lucky … Continue reading