An Ounce of Prevention

I had an awesome idea for a post today. It was going to all about how the jury on ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ is still out and how we can’t spend billions and billions of dollars on some crackpot theory that a bunch of ‘climate scientists’ are pushing. At the same time as they’re getting tons … Continue reading

Mathematical Proof that Al Gore Lies

Climate Change alarmists bandy about graphs and charts and what-not in an attempt to confuse regular folks. They know that you are less likely to challenge them if they have something that looks like empirical proof that they are right. It doesn’t really have to be proof, it just has to look like proof. The … Continue reading

Faking the Climate Change Numbers

Leftist scientists and environmental alarmists are pushing the extremist climate change agenda, but the American People are much too smart for them. You can’t make the American People believe something  that doesn’t make sense on the face of it; it just won’t work. And that’s not just my opinion. Take a look at this Rasmussen … Continue reading

Political Climate Change

There is an insidious and critical problem that threatens to destroy our world. If we don’t change the political climate, and soon, the cumulative effects may not be reversible. You see, for years now the left has been spewing out these wrong-headed half-cooked political fables that they call a philosophy. These ideas aren’t that dangerous … Continue reading