Poll: What should be the new slogan for Arizona tourism?

Arizona is being besieged by boycott after boycott since they passed SB1070 (the bill that requires law enforcement to check the papers of anyone they suspect is an illegal alien and detain them if they can’t prove that they’re legal). So it’s no wonder that there’s now an effort to rebrand Arizona and explain why … Continue reading

Separate But Equal

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed another wrongly-controversial bill into law. On April 23 she signed SB1070, which is the Arizona law that mandates that law enforcement officers check the papers of anyone who looks illegal. Now, on May 11, she’s signed a bill banning ethnic studies in Arizona schools. What this means is that … Continue reading

AZ Immigration Law Update

The Wonk Room (obviously named by liberals) has an exclusive report which makes me feel a lot better about the recent changes in the Arizona immigration law. An amendment to SB1070 was passed in the last few days to address all of the whinging and whining from the left. One of the changes in the … Continue reading

Razing Arizona

I got a couple of angry comments about yesterday’s post, accusing me of indifference to civil rights. It’s not that I’m indifferent, it’s just that I’m not an absolutist. There are a lot of well-accepted exceptions to our fundamental civil rights, so what’s one more? The right to free speech doesn’t let you yell ”Fire!” … Continue reading