ACORN: A ‘community organization’ whose purpose is the subversion of the American way of life. They attempt to accomplish this through various means, including the promotion of prostitution, tax evasion, and voter fraud.

Baramin: The basic unit of subdivision in the science of Baraminology, or the study of kinds. It is the natural reduction of taxonomy to the original species created about 6,000 years ago, before any interbreeding. These are similar to what athiests call ‘species’.

Climategate: The scandal during which the pseudoscience of Global Warming was irrefutably disproved. It was also disproved by winter snow and the belief in the 1970s that there would soon be an Ice Age.

Cloture: A vote to stop debate in the Senate, usually to stop a filibuster. The recent increase in the number of cloture motions filed is exponential and part of a natural process.

Corporate Civil Rights: The last frontier of the American struggle for civil rights, in which Corporations will gain their full rights as American citizens. It was advanced significantly by the recent Citizens Untied decision by the Supreme Court.

Cum hoc ergo propter hoc: A logical technique of proving cause. From the Latin for with this, therefore because of this. For example: You have read this entry and learned about logic. They happened together, and therefore this entry has taught you logic.

Filibuster: The process in the Senate by which debate can continue indefinitely unless there is a successful vote for cloture, which would then end the filibuster. This is used by the minority party in order to stop action by the majority. Its morality is dependent upon who or what is being filibustered.

Free Hand of the Invisible Market: The force inherent in completely unregulated markets that inerrantly determines the actual value (worth) of anything. This includes material objects, immaterial objects, concepts, people, and everything else.

Global Warming: Also referred to as Climate Change, Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), and Gore’s Folly. This is the latest scare tactic dreamed up by liberals for various nefarious purposes too numerous to detail here. Several documentaries have been produced to try to convince the gullible, such as An Inconvenient Truth, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012.

Obamacare: A system of socialized government-run healthcare which takes away the control of the citizen over their own health in favor of the will of government bureaucrats who will stand between you and your doctor, while simultaneously bankrupting and destroying America.

Occam’s Razor: If it’s the simplest explanation, then it’s true. This is often expressed in its weakened form: the simplest explanation tends to be the best one. It derives from the Latin: Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem (Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity). Notice that it isn’t should not, but must not.

Tautology: A scientific method of proof using self-transitivity.

Taxes: The method by which government simultaneously funds its own immorality and disincentivizes progress.

Term Limits: One method by which government corruption can be slowed. This is achieved by limiting the amount of time that one person can hold the same office, and therefore gain the experience needed to fully exploit that office.

TPAIN: Tea Parties for America’s Indivisible Nation. This is an umbrella organization for all of the various factions of Tea Parties around this great Nation, allowing them to work in perfect harmony.


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