Texas School Board Update

The Texas State Board of Education approved the new standards, as detailed here and here. This will end the era of liberal brainwashing of our children. No longer will McCarthyism be denigrated. No longer will the Confederacy be minimized. No longer will the theocratic roots of our country be hidden. That is, unless the standards … Continue reading


Well, I knew that it was too good to be true. ACORN, recently disbanded after numerous scandals, has not gone gentle into that good night. Rep. Issa (R-CA) has revealed that ACORN is still (essentially) in existence. Rather than being one monolithic ‘community organization‘ named ACORN, it operates now as numerous smaller local cells, under … Continue reading

Just Kidding!

In my last post I said that the thought of making more Sarah Palins was “almost enough to make me reconsider my opposition to human cloning.” April Fools! I would never reconsider my opposition to human cloning. You know, because of the soul thing.

A Slight Revision

In a recent post, I mentioned that apparently Keynesians are breaking the office windows of democrat representatives and party headquarters. Although I am still sure that the vandals are trying to make a principled economic point (as I explained so cogently earlier), there is at least two politically motivated brick throwers. The brick thrown through … Continue reading

Motion to Recommit Fails

It took less than five minutes of voting (of a fifteen minute vote) for the Motion to Recommit to fail. The final count was 232 to 199, but the ‘yea’ vote count reached the needed 216 in under five minutes. That was the last real hope of the Republicans to scuttle this travesty. HR As … Continue reading

First Major Vote

At 6:37pm, the House passed the first of three voting hurdles necessary to pass Obamacare. They approved the rules for debate (426-0). At that point, debate on the actual bill and package of fixes (HR3590 and HR4872) were allowed and shortly began. One hour to debate each means that the debate portion of this charade … Continue reading

The New Orleans Four: Vindicated

The truth has finally come out. The New Orleans Four were not wiretapping anyone’s phones, and they were not disabling anyone’s phones. All they were doing was telling people that they were broken, which is clearly protected by the First Amendment. You or I can lie all day long and there’s not a damn thing … Continue reading

ACORN Strikes Again

You know the patriotic independent film maker who exposed ACORN’s bitter character? Well, now he and three others have been arrested, and I can only assume that ACORN is to blame. James O’Keefe was arrested while (apparently) trying to expose the corruption of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Naturally), in much the same manner as they did … Continue reading

Update: Free Speech Wins!

The Center for Public Integrity has warned that the recent Supreme Court decision (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission) may allow foreign governments to spend as much as they want on advertisements for or against candidates in the greatest country in the world, the United States of America. They are afraid that this could let … Continue reading