An Ounce of Prevention

Caaaaaaaandy!I had an awesome idea for a post today. It was going to all about how the jury on ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ is still out and how we can’t spend billions and billions of dollars on some crackpot theory that a bunch of ‘climate scientists’ are pushing. At the same time as they’re getting tons of grant money to study the very same issue that they are pushing, I might add. A clear conflict of interest.

Anyway, I can’t write that post today because I can’t think straight. My jaw is killing me. About a month ago, my tooth started hurting. I couldn’t tell at first whether it was a cavity or whether I had a sinus infection. Sometimes those two things are hard to tell apart. I was a little worried because I love sweets, and I go to bed every night with one of those cinnamon hard candies to help me fall asleep. But I still wasn’t sure if it was a cavity or a sinus infection, so I decided to wait it out. If it was a sinus infection I thought it’d take care of itself and I could avoid the cost of going to the dentist. Bad idea. The pain got worse, and instead of just one tooth hurting, it seemed like a few teeth. Finally, last week, I broke down and went to the dentist, and boy am I mad.

It turns out that I need a root canal. Apparently, it wasn’t a sinus infection at all. According to the dentist, my addiction to sweets has been wreaking havoc with my teeth. He said that ignoring the initial tooth pain has made the whole situation so bad that now I need oral surgery, which is going to cost a ton more than if I went to the dentist a month ago. I’m still not sure that it’s the sweets, though. I mean, don’t people who don’t eat candy get cavities too? Why should I give up my sweet, sweet candy if we can’t really be sure?

So maybe after my root canal I’ll feel up to talking about Global Warming, but for right now I’m too distracted with the pain and angry at myself for not going to the dentist earlier. If I had only heeded the obvious warning signs and acted early, I could have avoided a lot of pain and expense. And also I’m out of cinnamon candies. I’ve got to go to the store.


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