Gather Your Armies

Rick Barber, an Alabama Republican and candidate for Congress, has forced a runoff for the Republican nomination. The runoff is being held on Tuesday, July 13, and I strongly suggest that all Alabamans show up to the polls and exercise their American right to participate in their own governance. It’s our own form of participatory democracy which helps keep America great. We get to choose the leaders that represent us the best.

In support of his candidacy, Barber has released the following ad (entitled “Gather Your Armies”), which I strongly encourage you to watch:

I think it’s clear what Alabamites have to do: vote for Rick Barber. He stands for what all true Alabamians do:

  1. Hanging out with the Founding Fathers,
  2. Being angry at things to the left and to the right of you,
  3. The impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama,
  4. And if that’s not enough, the abolishment of the IRS,
  5. To further the prevention of Obamacare,
  6. And failing that, the gathering of armies to overthrow the government

Sure, it’s not clear if he’s advocating revolution only if Obamacare isn’t repealed and/or Obama is impeached, or whether he wants to overthrow the government anyway, but what is clear is that this guy is wild-eyed angry. And that’s got to appeal to the millions (and maybe billions) of disaffected Americans. After all, isn’t being angry the bedrock principle of the Tea Party?

Think about it — don’t Americans want someone who represents their beliefs? And don’t we all want to impeach Obama and dismantle the government? This guy’s a dead cinch in Alabama. Alabamiacs are finally going to have a truly representative Representative.


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