An Easy Goal

I suppose that I’m supposed to be happy that the US team tied the England team (1-1) in their first World Cup game this year. I mean, I’m happy that they didn’t lose, and I’m happy that they outperformed expectations, but I’m still finding it difficult to get excited by soccer.

Soccer is okay. (Also known as football or fútbol if you don’t have the advantage of being American) There’s nothing wrong with it, per se, but why wouldn’t you just play baseball? Or if you don’t have the skills to play baseball, cricket?

In retrospect, the thing that makes me happiest is that a Ham-lover named Green was completely humiliated by making such a simple mistake that it makes you think that he’s cognitively challenged. English goalkeeper Robert Green allowed the US to score on what was (frankly) a weak kick by letting the ball get away from him. We all watched as he scampered helplessly after the ball, unable to stop it’s meandering progress toward the goal.

So cheers, Alvin Robert Greene, for your actions this last week, and here’s hoping that are the first of many!


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