Poll: Is Alvin Greene a Republican plant?

There’s been a lot of controversy about the Alvin Greene victory in the South Carolina democrat primary for the Senate. Not many people had heard of Greene before his victory, and yet he pulled out an impressive win.

After the primary, it came out that Greene has pending felony obscenity charges against him, that he was discharged early from the military, that he is flat broke and yet somehow paid the $10,400 filing fee for the race. He didn’t campaign, or have yard signs. He didn’t give any speeches or hold any rallies. He doesn’t have a website, a facebook page, or a twitter account. He hasn’t raised any money at all during the campaign. He’s been spectacularly unimpressive in interviews since his victory. He can barely string one sentence after another. About the only positive thing that anyone can think of is that his name alphabetically preceded his opponent.

Some conspiracy theorists are saying that he’s a plant to make sure that Sen. DeMint keeps his seat, or to embarrass the democrat leadership in the state. Others blame general voter apathy. What do you think?


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