I Never Thought Of That

Sometimes you hear an idea so perfectly formed that you wonder why it’s not already the common wisdom. It seems obvious in retrospect, and yet it’s truth has eluded all but one genius. I found the image on the right on the internet today.

I was stunned. This explains everything. Why BP was allowed to drill in deep water with a laughable safety plan. Why the response has been so slow. Why BP has been allowed to regulate themselves, and remediate their own failures when they occur. Obama is acting out of a misguided loyalty to his own childhood colonial leaders.

But that’s not the most intriguing thing about this picture. The most intriguing thing is what’s written on the other placard. There’s obviously a second hidden placard behind the first one. What ineffable truths are contained on the second placard? The mind reels at the possibilities. Is it a method to clean millions of gallons of oil out of sea water? Is it a list of communists employed by the State Department? We may never know.

And why is “Obama” in quotes? Is that not his real name? What is his real name? (And is that why they’re hiding his birth certificate?) Why is the person (who I call ‘Maui‘) giving a peace sign? Or is that a victory sign? And where can I get khakis like that? They look comfortable. So many questions.


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