Not Qualified For Office

Well, here’s an early taste of the 2010 election for you: Orly Taitz may well be the Republican candidate for California Attorney General.

For those not in the know, Orly Taitz is perhaps the prototypical Birther. She’s racked up at least $20,000 in court fines for filing frivolous lawsuits challenging Barack Obama’s right to be President. She is basing these lawsuits on Obama’s inability to convince Orly Taitz that he was actually born in Hawaii, rather than Kenya or Moldova or something.

Fine talk, coming from someone born in Moldova … or so she claims. I think it’s a little convenient that she purports to be from a former SSR with spotty birth records at best. She then moved to Israel before moving to the United States, in a clear attempt at ‘laundering’ her paper trail. And think about it. If Moldova is where she wants you to think she was born, how much worse must the truth be?

Anyway, according to Politico, California political strategists believe that a Taitz primary victory is entirely possible. The other Republican running for the nomination is apparently running a pitiful campaign. Says one strategist:

“It will be a complete embarrassment if she wins, but these things can happen.”

If Taitz does end up winning the nomination, and then the position in November, you can rest assured that she will use the position to challenge Obama’s placement on any future ballot unless he can provide proof that he’s eligible to be President. That kind of persistence is admirable, but the effort would be wasted. She’ll never get traction on that in California.

I’ll give Orly a little advice. That, after all, is what the internet is good for: information you didn’t ask for and won’t heed. My advice is this – forget about the birth certificate issue. It’s settled, for better or for worse. Instead, focus on something with some real traction: Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States because he was delivered by Caesarean section. Disqualified.


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