Obama: A ‘B’ Mao?

Saint ObamaSome of you might have noticed that I like anagrams. That’s because they can illustrate alternate meanings in an elegant way. One classic example is “Grow a Spine”, which (when rearranged) spells “Spiro Agnew”. And “Spine”, which has it’s own body-part anagram.

An example from this site is “Elena Kagan…or Nae, Ken, a Gal”, which brought up some of the reasons why Kagan might not be qualified for the Supreme Court (hint – she might be playing for the other softball team).

And then there’s today’s anagram: “Obama: A ‘B’ Mao?”. I read today that President Obama is eschewing the Arlington Cemetery Memorial Day ceremony. Instead, he’s leaving that duty to Biden, so that he can go to Chicago. And yes, before you say it, he did try to make an appearance at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, but it started storming when he tried to give his speech. He then cancelled the speech and retreated to the rear echelon, where he is more comfortable. He claimed that he didn’t want “anybody struck by lightning,” but we all know that he was just scared. After all, who’s more likely to get struck by lightning than an unpatriotic president at a military cemetery on Memorial Day?

But back to the anagram. Sure, Mao was a communist, but you have to admit he had a flair for the dramatic. I mean, what about the Hundred Flowers Campaign? Gotcha! He would have made Memorial Day into a spectacle, with parades and fireworks. Not soggy crowds running from lightning. Where Mao would have gotten an ‘A’, Obama clearly gets (at most) a ‘B’. So, yeah, I guess Obama is a ‘B’ Mao.


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