I Am Now a Journalist

A lot of people waste their time and money on formal education. I scoff at them. I have, as of yesterday, become an actual journalist with almost no effort.

Yesterday, Jake Tapper commented on my blog, because I quoted him talking about how he wanted one more “beat on Rand Paul“.  He said, and I quote:

“Um…“beat” as in “moment.” Not even remotely the way you took it.”

For those of you living in a cave (I’m looking at you, Osama), Jake Tapper is ABC’s Senior White House Correspondent. He’s also the interim host of This Week, pending Amanpour’s arrival in August. He’s one of the top journalists in America, if not the world.

So let’s make a chronology:

  1. Yesterday I thought some things
  2. Then I translated my thoughts into words
  3. Then I put those words in the ether
  4. Then Jake Tapper read those words
  5. Then the words I wrote made Jake Tapper form ideas in his brain
  6. Then Jake Tapper told me I was wrong in a blog comment

This comment has elevated me to the level of at least media commentator, if not actual journalist. Now, you may say that he was just trying to disabuse me of an incorrect notion. You might think that he was being a responsible journalist and trying to see how the public responded to his interview with Michael Steele. That is not how I see it.

My view is that my post yesterday, coupled with his response to it, indicates an equal footing in the realm of informing the public. Just because he disagreed with me about his intent is meaningless. We can argue all day about his intent and never get anywhere. We’ll never be sure what the real answer is. There’s just no way to know.

What we can know is that one of the preeminent journalist of today thinks that I am wrong. And if you think about it, all that really means is that I’m just like my compatriots at Fox News.

Murdoch, Ailes, I’ll be expecting a check.

One Response to “I Am Now a Journalist”
  1. itzexodus says:

    You love sucking your own dick, don’t you? It’s amazing how full of narcissism this post is.

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