And He, Like, You Know, Believes It

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is being attacked from the left for the crime of not being sufficiently anti-Rand Paul. On This Week this week, he had this exchange with Jake Tapper, regarding Paul’s apparent view that individuals should have the right to discriminate on the basis of race:

TAPPER: Fair enough, but just one more — one more beat on Rand Paul, and that is do you condemn that point of view? I mean, where would African-Americans be if the federal government hadn’t come in and said, hotels, you have to–

STEELE: Exactly. That’s very much a part of the debate back in the ’60s, as it is going forward. But the reality of it is, our party has stood four-square behind, you know–

TAPPER: But do you condemn that view?

STEELE: I can’t condemn a person’s view. That’s like, you know, you believe something and I’m going to say, well, you know, I’m going to condemn your view of it. It’s the people of Kentucky will judge whether or not that’s a view that they would like to send–

TAPPER: Are you comfortable with that?

STEELE: I am not comfortable with a lot of things, but it doesn’t matter what I’m comfortable with and not comfortable with. I don’t vote in that election.

First of all, what’s with “one more beat on Rand Paul“? All of a sudden you’re admitting that you’re about to beat on Rand Paul? The obvious bias is disgusting, but what do you expect from network television?

And second, well, what’s Steele supposed to say? He can’t ‘pull a Rand’™ and say what he really thinks. That would be stupid. You can’t say things like that and plan to be around very long in Washington.

2 Responses to “And He, Like, You Know, Believes It”
  1. Jake Tapper says:

    Um…”beat” as in “moment.” Not even remotely the way you took it.

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