Someone Has to Speak Up

It’s no secret that politics cause a lot of division in America now. When the left passes (what they call) ‘health care reform’ they’re called socialists, and worse. When the Right decides to enforce immigration laws they’re called racists, and worse.  And who eggs this whole thing on? The mainstream media, or as I have heard it called recently: the lame-stream media.

The MSM takes every little disagreement between Americans and amplifies it until it’s something that will tear America apart. They twist people’s words until they sound like monsters. The MSM is almost entirely responsible for the ill will present in America today. They enforce their own brand of political correctness, and vilify anyone who doesn’t kowtow. Well, I for one have had enough.

I’m tired of the MSM getting to decide whether something is ‘offensive’ or not. I’m sick of having to watch my words in case someone ‘disapproves’. It has to end. This is America. This is the land of the free, where ideologies compete in the marketplace of ideas. There’s no reason for the MSM to attempt to restrict speech through their disapproval (at best) and attacks (at worst) just because that speech is unpopular. Something must be done.

That’s why I propose an agency with the goal of ending the reign of political correctness, and thereby increasing free speech. And how would it do this? Well, it would review the output of the MSM and, when it found that the MSM was attempting to enforce political correctness, to stop them. I know that sounds harsh, but somebody has to stop the MSM from saying these things.

I’m not sure what to call the agency yet. The name will have to be chosen carefully, using words that can’t be twisted or misinterpreted. The words themselves must preclude any improper thoughts in the speaker or the listener. You can’t be too careful with your words nowadays: they’re calling everything Orwellian.


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