The Best of Both Worlds

Yin YangLike I always say: when life gives you lemons — find out whose fault it is and destroy them. Then make lemonade and drink it leisurely over the ruins of your enemies.

It occurs to me that there’s a win-win situation possible with offshore drilling. Let’s examine what each side wants, and the solution will make itself clear.

The Right wants to extract as much oil as possible from our own reserves so that we can minimize our dependence on countries that wish us ill, while simultaneously stimulating our own economy. This means offshore drilling, and a lot of it.

The left wants to stop all offshore drilling due to the inherent risk of environmental catastrophe. They also want to minimize our petroleum usage to slow down what they refer to as ‘global warming’. They’re afraid that the polar ice will melt and raise the ocean level, flooding coastal cities and causing widespread havoc.

Why not address both problems and make everyone happy? First, drill for as much oil as possible, and empty out all of our offshore reserves. Then, let the now-empty reservoirs that were once filled with oil fill with seawater. This will lower the sea level, and then who cares if the polar ice caps melt. It would just raise the sea levels back to where they started from. Problem solved. Why haven’t any of these eggheads thought of this? We have our oil, we get to burn it, and our coastal cities are saved. Except probably New Orleans. It always seems to get screwed.

3 Responses to “The Best of Both Worlds”
  1. metabradley says:

    “what they refer to as ‘global warming’” –are you kidding me. good common sense includes scientific data; which shows that climate change is as real was what i refer to as the nose on my face.

  2. We can’t afford another preventable disaster like this.

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