Separate But Equal

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed another wrongly-controversial bill into law. On April 23 she signed SB1070, which is the Arizona law that mandates that law enforcement officers check the papers of anyone who looks illegal. Now, on May 11, she’s signed a bill banning ethnic studies in Arizona schools.

What this means is that schools may no longer have separate (but equal!) programs that focus on particular ethnic groups. For example,  the Tucson school system offers specialized courses in African-American, Mexican-American, and Native American programs which focus on the contributions of the target ethnicity in history, literature, and the arts. These classes are now banned. And rightly so. They’re divisive. Imagine the outcry if there were classes which focused on the contributions of white people to history, literature, and the arts. It would be deafening.

Plus, it’s not just the ethnic separatism that the law attacks. It also bans classes which promote the overthrow of the American government. You might think that there are no classes in public schools that promote revolution, but you would apparently be wrong. I can’t actually find (just now) any examples of such a class, but there must be some. Otherwise that portion of the new law would just be stupid.

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