Would You Like Your Fiddle, Mr. President?

The Transocean Deepwater Horizon is still leaking hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil every day. The latest attempt to cap the main leak failed. Nashville is flooded. It’s the worst disaster in Nashville in the last century.  The unemployment rate rose again, to 9.9%. The markets are unsteady. Greece is teetering on the edge of economic collapse. The European Union itself is in danger. The President must take bold action if we’re going to survive this torrent of woes. And he is taking action, I suppose, but he’s not addressing the issues in quite the same way that I would.

I would gather advisors and subject matter experts. I would use the combined knowledge of the best minds in the world to solve the issues of the day. President Obama, instead, is playing golf.

Now, I know that he can’t be ‘on-duty’ 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. But golf? Don’t be insulting. Relax discreetly. You would never have seen President Bush or President Clinton out on the links playing golf when there was work to be done. But this guy. Sheesh.


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