Well, I may be prescient. The markets took a huge, record-breaking dip yesterday, and it looks like the result of a careless error. The same kind of error that could be caused by the consumption of substandard gyro meat. This is exactly what I predicted in a post just this Tuesday in my analysis of the possible effects of the current economic crisis in Greece.

What seems to have happened is that a trader (maybe at Citigroup) accidentally entered a ‘b’ (for billion) instead of an ‘m’ (for million) in a stock trade (maybe Proctor & Gamble), which triggered huge sell-offs across the market. It got so bad that the Dow dropped over 1,000 points before ending the day at a 350 point loss.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s definitely tainted gyro meat that caused careless error which caused this market crash, but I’m not not saying it either. We just can’t tell at this point. But if it was tainted gyro meat, I expect the Nobel Prize for Economics. I deserve it at least as much as Paul Krugman.


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