AZ Immigration Law Update

Welcome to ArizonaThe Wonk Room (obviously named by liberals) has an exclusive report which makes me feel a lot better about the recent changes in the Arizona immigration law.

An amendment to SB1070 was passed in the last few days to address all of the whinging and whining from the left. One of the changes in the language was replacing “lawful contact” with the phrase “lawful stop, detention or arrest” for the violation of any law or ordinance of the town, city, county, or state. They also took the word ‘solely’ out of the language “A law enforcement official or agency … may not solely consider race, color or national origin” in establishing reasonable suspicion. This might seem like it’s reducing the number of times an officer can check IDs, but read this email from the organization that wrote the bill, the Immigration Reform Law Institute:

Sure, now you can’t say that you checked someone for being Hispanic, but you can say that you checked someone because there were too many occupants in one rental unit, or that there was a car on blocks, or any number of racial stereotypes. They won’t be detaining people for being Hispanic, they’ll be detaining people for acting Hispanic. While being Hispanic. (Obviously they still won’t detain Caucasians. That would be ridiculous.)

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