AZ Does It

Welcome to ArizonaThere continues to be a chorus of whining from the left about Arizona’s new anti-illegal alien law. It’s not scheduled to go into effect until August, but it’s already the worst thing to happen to America since Gitmo. And that’s actually not a  bad analogy, come to think of it.

When a situation gets bad enough, you don’t have the option to be reactive. You have to be proactive. That’s what happened at Gitmo, and that’s what’s happening in Arizona.

Gitmo is filled with people who might be unparalleled dangers to the United States. Or they could be totally innocent. It doesn’t matter. Isn’t it worth detaining a few tens (or hundreds) of innocent people if that helps us detain some people who are actually guilty?

And the Arizona law is philosophically identical. Isn’t it worth detaining people that look illegal and don’t have ID with them in case some of them are actually illegal aliens? You know that some of them must be illegals. And I’m sure that the foreign-looking citizens that get detained because they didn’t have their driver’s license with them will understand. If they know what’s good for them. After all, we’re all in this together. And we all know who ‘we’ is.

4 Responses to “AZ Does It”
  1. Echo says:

    It absolutely is not worth it to detain even 1 innocent person in order to catch 100 guilty ones. That logic goes against the very freedoms this country was founded upon. In order to be truly free, you have to allow people to break the law. So if you go out and get a tan and dye your hair black, you would be fine with being stopped by every cop you see?

  2. ZeroFIll says:

    Wow, just wow. I can’t believe you feel this way. I would rather have a thousand illegal immigrants running around, then one innocent person get harassed. This is absolutely unconstitutional, and an absolute insult to anyone who loves freedom. Now, I’m as white as frosty the snowman, but just because tyranny might not affect me directly, doesn’t mean I accept tyranny in my country. Shame on you sir.

  3. anonymous says:


    excessive use of italics gives away too much of the troll

  4. We hear a lot from the “Left” about “human rights,” but nothing about “human responsibilities.” Without “hot,” one cannot logically discuss “cold.” These Taliban, al Qaeda, mercinaries, and soldiers of fortune who found themselves at Gitmo have no “rights” under any law, and habeas corpus only counts if you’re a citizen in war time, because they do not bear the responsibilities that come with citizenship. You know, that fuzzy concept from the days of your parents and grandparents? I served at Gitmo from February to June 2002 as the ranking Army Medical Department officer with JTF 160, the incarceration mission. When we stood the mission up we had about 250 detainees from over 20 countries, and many spoke several languages, including English, Russian, and Spanish. There were many suspected Taliban and al Qaeda, but also a good number of mercinaries and soldiers-of-fortune. Don’t do the crime, if you can’t pay the time. And as for “innocent bystanders,” and people sold to the U.S., I give that as much credibility as the false story of guards flushing Koran’s down detainee’s toilets (which was retracted), because the size Koran’s we issued the detainees didn’t even come close to fitting down the toilet opening, yet millions believed the story and were outraged by it. Many didn’t care or even see the story about the truth. These guys are trained to lie, cheat, steal, and kill; anything to discredit their sworn enemy, us. For more, read my book, titled “Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay: A Memoir of a Citizen Warrior.” It’s the real story of detention and medical duty at Gitmo.
    Sincerely, Montgomery J. Granger, MAJ, Medical Service, USAR (Ret.)

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