“Sort of the Best Thing I Ever Did”

Dick CheneyDick Cheney was on Dennis Miller’s radio show last Thursday, when the following exchange took place:

MILLER: By the way, my, I also want to thank you, on the list of things I feel I should thank you for, almost kicking Patrick Leahy’s ass. Thank you very much.

CHENEY: Heh heh heh heh.

MILLER: I love that move. One of my favorite stories. Muttering that.

CHENEY: You’d be surprised how many people liked that. That’s sort of the best thing I ever did.

He is (of course) referring to the incident from 2004 where (then) Vice President Dick Cheney and Sen. Patrick Leahy were having an argument about Pres. Bush’s judicial nominees and whether Halliburton’s sole-source contracts with the government were appropriate, given Cheney’s close contact with that company. Cheney, famously, replied: “F—k yourself”. Classic.

I miss the days when we had such likeable guys in office. Saying something like that really lets you know that Cheney is just a regular guy. Now we’ve gone from a VP like that to an elitist like Biden. Maybe that’s not a big deal to you, but to me that’s a “big f—ing deal”.


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