The Violent Left

Threat signDavid Gutmann at the American Spectator recently published a thought provoking article, in which he explains that the most violent language historically comes from the left, despite the most fervent claims and wishes of the ‘lame-stream’ media. From the article:

I agree that there is no place in our politics for ugly threats; but I don’t agree with Rich that such murderous language is exclusive to Republicans or Tea Partiers. Quite the contrary: assassination threats against the opposition were first introduced into contemporary discourse by the many “progressive,” usually Democratic commentators, politicians, and bloggers caught up in the “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” There was no penalty for openly indulging such fancies, and so left-wing commentators and bloggers were liberated to indulge Orwellian “two-minute hates,” and to dream up innovative ways to impeach, jail, and even kill president Bush.

That’s exactly right. In contemporary discourse, the Bush-haters started it. You might want to claim that the Right has been more violent in the recent past (what with the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, and the rest of the K’s), but that’s ancient history. More recently, bloggers have written crazy stuff online. And there are tons of pictures of violently anti-Bush posters online that beat anything at the Tea Party rallies. I mean, look at how scary that girl with the blue hair and the party streamer is!

So it’s decided: the left has much more violent rhetoric than the Right, although both are guilty to some degree. And since both sides have done it, who can really complain? Now we’re even, and I expect the left to stop whining about some scattered death threats.


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