Obama Raised My Taxes!

Claudius IIEvery year, I go to my tax guy to have my taxes done. They’re not that complicated, but if I try to do them myself I always end up with a splitting headache, a pile of finely shredded tax forms, and no memory of the previous two hours.  But I do have to send the check to the IRS, and this year that check was larger than last year. My tax guy says that it’s because the federal withholding tables were revised. They took less out of each paycheck during the year (to ‘stimulate’ the economy) and I have to make up the difference now. He says I paid less overall.

Who knows whether that kind of voodoo economics works, but what I do know is that I am having to write a larger check under President Obama than I ever did under President Bush. Leftists and progressives can put on their tweed jackets and try to explain this away all they want, but it won’t matter.  I know Obama raised my taxes. Let’s do the math. Last year: smaller check to the IRS. This year: bigger check to the IRS. It’s not that complicated.

This is worse that the time that my cable company doubled my cable bill. That’s right. They doubled how much they charged me for cable. I called them right up and canceled my account with them (which is apparently not an option with the government). They tried to tell me that I skipped a payment, and that I had to pay for two months at once, but I knew better. You can’t trust the cable company, and you can’t trust a democrat.

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