The Ideal State

EmailI excerpted a bit of an email that I received about my post on the Mathematics of Freedom. Well, I want to respond to another bit of the same email:

So if you really believe that less government is better, what’s your ideal solution? Is it a barebones federal government? Is it a series of cooperating state governments? Wouldn’t the best system of all be pure anarchy?”

Let me state what seems like a non sequitur, but is actually on the mark. America is thinking of our ‘conflicts’ in Iraq and Afghanistan exactly backwards. We are trying to bring our style of government to them (at least, now we are), but we should be emulating theirs. Their government essentially governs nothing. There are elections, people are chosen, and then nothing really changes.

Afghanistan is the perfect example. The federal government exists, but the country is actually run by local businessmen who control the day-to-day operations in their region. Who could imagine a better system? Sure, we call them ‘warlords’ in the West, but they’re essentially local businessmen, and everyone knows that local government is the most responsive to the needs of the community.

But why aim for the middle? Modeling our government after Afghanistan’s might be nice, but America should go all the way. We should emulate Somalia. It hasn’t had a functioning government in decades, and it seems to be doing fine. They apparently have a thriving maritime industry.


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