Confederate History Month

EmailI received an email in response to my yesterday’s post about Virginia’s ‘Confederate History Month’, recently declared by Gov. Bob McDonnell. From the email:

“Why celebrate ‘Confederate History Month’? Wasn’t the Confederacy the enemy of the United States of America? Didn’t they fight the US? Didn’t they kill countless US citizens and soldiers? And why? To protect their ‘state’s rights’? Yeah, their state’s rights to own slaves. They don’t deserve celebration. They only deserve contempt.

Wow. Still bitter after 145 years.

Listen, McDonnell never said that we should celebrate the Confederacy, just that the Civil War should be “studied, understood, and remembered”. It’s a common sense position that the previous two democratic governors didn’t understand (Mark Warner and Tim Kaine both refused to issue similar proclamations). But when the Sons of Confederate Veterans asked Gov. McDonnell to make the proclamation, he rightly saw the sense in agreeing. And it only makes sense to specify that it’s Confederate history we should focus on. After all, there’s no sense in celebrating ‘Union History Month’. That’s every month (except April, I guess).

Remember: if we cannot learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. That’s why Germany has a ‘Nazi History Month’. And if they can do it, so can we.

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