Vintage Bachmann

Michele BachmannThis last weekend I was doing some research on Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN). More specifically, on her roots in the philosophy of the Tea Party. While searching, I ran across some old footage of her from a GOP Candidate forum in November 2005, and it was stellar. She was answering a question about rioting in France:

Given the recent rioting in France that is the result of a subculture that has not assimilated, what would you do to make sure that a similar situation does not take place in America?

She didn’t skip a beat. She knew exactly what the problem was. I can’t come close to the eloquence that only she can muster, so here’s the video:

Wow. She really nailed it on the head. There were primarily two causes for the unrest.

  • First, there are different cultures existing in the same country, and one refuses to assimilate. Everyone knows that countries with a monoculture are much more stagnant stable. That’s why it’s the duty of the less-mainstream subculture to change their entire way of life. That’s the only way they’ll ever really fit in.
  • Second, there was actually a cable news channel telling one of the cultures to rise up and take control. That’s right, a news channel actively taking a role in shaping the politics of an entire subculture. That’s all kinds of wrong, but what do you expect in France? That’s what they get for letting a news channel owned by a foreigner broadcast propaganda into their living rooms.

Anyway, it didn’t have much to do with the Tea Party, or our ongoing struggles to take America back, but I thought it was interesting.

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