Supremely Qualified

Justice PalinSupreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced today that he is retiring, as of the end of this term. At that time he will be 90 years old, having served on the Court for the last 35 years. Sad to say, he has long out-served his relevance on the Court.

When Stevens was nominated by President Ford in 1975, the mainstream media considered him a ‘centrist’, which is the old-fashioned word for ‘moderate’, which is another way to say a ‘non-Conservative’. At that time, the country was dangerously liberal. Democrats controlled the House and Senate. Only a couple of years before they had managed to depose the lawfully-elected President (Richard Nixon).  Over the years the Nation has corrected its course and become more Conservative, while Justice Stevens has slowly inched even further towards moon-bat liberalism. He argued in Hamdi against detention of American citizens as ‘enemy combatants’. He expanded gay rights. He stopped the execution of the ‘cognitively disabled’. And worst of all, he hypnotized normally Conservative Justices into joining him in some of these opinions. In Hamdi, he actually got Scalia to side with him. Scalia.

Now we have the chance to move the Court sharply to the Right. Anyone as clearly leftist as Stevens would never make it through today’s Senate. Not while the filibuster is still an option. Sen. Lamar Alexander has already mentioned that he might filibuster Obama’s nominee, and that’s before Obama has nominated anyone. It’s clear that if Obama nominates anyone with even a whiff of liberalism that there will be Senators lining up to stop the whole process. But there’s a natural nominee that serves the interest of both sides: Sarah Palin.

Skeptics will say that she isn’t a lawyer. She doesn’t have any legal experience. She’s divisive. Yes, yes, and yes. She is perfect for the job. Look at it from each side.

  • Liberals would get rid of the natural leader of the Conservatives (Tea Party or Republicans, she’s the best we have to offer). In the Supreme Court she’d be ineligible for any other office, and she’d only be one voice of nine. And they’re not going to get a liberal through anyway. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
  • Conservatives would get a voice in the Supreme Court that truly represents them, rather than Scalia or Alito’s wishy-washy Conservatism. And a lot of 4-5 decisions will switch to 5-4 decisions.

She’s clearly the best choice, so let’s hope that Obama has the wisdom to choose her. Or Orly Taitz. Whatever.


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