ACORN 2010Well, I knew that it was too good to be true. ACORN, recently disbanded after numerous scandals, has not gone gentle into that good night. Rep. Issa (R-CA) has revealed that ACORN is still (essentially) in existence. Rather than being one monolithic ‘community organization‘ named ACORN, it operates now as numerous smaller local cells, under many different names. In California, for example, ACORN sold its computers, membership lists, and assets to a new organization named ACCE, which appears to be the same wolf in a different sheep skin. They have even hired many of the same employees. As Rep. Issa stated:

“ACORN is attempting to rebrand itself without instituting real reforms or removing senior leadership figures that need to be held accountable for wrongdoing. These newly renamed organizations are like career criminals who adopt aliases without changing their criminal lifestyles.”

It’s a troubling development, but not really that surprising. It’s fairly common to ‘rebrand’ when the kitchen gets too hot. Some recent examples: Phillip Morris changed to Altria when people started associating cigarettes with cancer, Kentucky Fried Chicken changed to KFC when people started associating fried foods with fat people, and Blackwater changed to Xe when people started associating mercenaries with casual murder.

The important thing is to keep the pressure on these new organizations. We need to make sure that they can’t continue their support for tax evasion and child prostitution, regardless of what name they use. The hard part is going to be proving it this time. They probably won’t fall for the Huggy Bear routine again.


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