Harris Poll, Part One

PollHarris Interactive conducted a poll of 2,320 adults in the United States. They asked the question:

“On another subject, here are some things that people have said about President Obama. Please indicate whether you believe it is true or false.”

The results are interesting in that there are vast differences between different demographics. For example, belief in these statements is much stronger (1) the more to the Right you are, and (2) the less you’ve been brainwashed by the American educational system. I’m telling you folks, the sooner we abolish the Department of Education and homeschool everyone, the better. Or just use Texas textbooks.

Here is a sampling of the results. Today I’ll only list the items that over half of Conservatives believe are true. (But don’t worry, I’ll have more later.) I’ve listed the percentages of responders that answered ‘true’ to the listed statement (divided demographically by education level, political philosophy, and political party).

He is a socialist.

Overall: 40% Conservative: 67%
Moderate: 30%
HS or less: 45% liberal: 15%
Some college: 38% Republican: 67%
College grad: 42% Independent: 42%
Post grad: 20% democrat: 14%

Over two-thirds of Conservatives believe this versus less than one-sixth of liberals. This is the classic example of your political bias influencing your perception of reality. Socialism is so normal to liberals that they can’t even see it anymore. Just like they can’t smell patchouli-stink .

He wants to take away Americans’ right to own guns.

Overall: 38% Conservative: 63%
Moderate: 28%
HS or less: 45% liberal: 15%
Some college: 37% Republican: 61%
College grad: 32% Independent: 39%
Post grad: 19% democrat: 17%

So 63% of Conservatives believe that Obama wants to take away your 2nd Amendment Rights, compared to just 15% of liberals. Only Obama could anger both sides on an issue like that.

He is a Muslim.

Overall: 32% Conservative: 51%
Moderate: 26%
HS or less: 43% liberal: 16%
Some college: 30% Republican: 57%
College grad: 24% Independent: 29%
Post grad: 9% democrat: 15%

This one is harder. It’s difficult to see what a man believes in his soul, but it looks like Conservatives are way better at it than liberals.

He wants to turn over sovereignty of the United States to a one world government.

Overall: 29% Conservative: 52%
Moderate: 20%
HS or less: 37% liberal: 13%
Some college: 28% Republican: 51%
College grad: 21% Independent: 28%
Post grad: 12% democrat: 12%

To be fair, so do Conservatives. The difference is that Conservatives want to run the one-world government.

He has done many things that are unconstitutional.

Overall: 29% Conservative: 53%
Moderate: 20%
HS or less: 35% liberal: 10%
Some college: 28% Republican: 55%
College grad: 26% Independent: 27%
Post grad: 13% democrat: 9%

This number seems low. Maybe it’s underestimated because of how people interpret the word ‘many’. I thought he would be doing many more unconstitutional things by now than he has, so maybe people are giving him the benefit of the doubt. Not a good idea, people. This guy is tricky.

One Response to “Harris Poll, Part One”
  1. MacGregor says:

    If asked “Do you believe OBama is a socialist?” what would you answer?


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