A Slight Revision

Right vs. WrongIn a recent post, I mentioned that apparently Keynesians are breaking the office windows of democrat representatives and party headquarters. Although I am still sure that the vandals are trying to make a principled economic point (as I explained so cogently earlier), there is at least two politically motivated brick throwers.

The brick thrown through the Rochester, New York, offices of the Democratic Party (mentioned previously) had a note on it which read, and I quote:

“Exremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”

The author may not be the best speller, but he apparently has a good arm. And there were a few more incidents. Last Friday night or Saturday morning a brick was thrown through the wind of the Sedgwick Democratic Party offices in Wichita, Kansas with statements opposing Obamacare and Obama written on the brick. Another incident occurred just after the Obamacare vote, in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio, at the offices of the Hamilton County Democratic Party. But instead of a brick, this one was a fist-sized rock.

Still, a couple of demonstrated incidents of politically motivated vandalism in a nation of 300 million isn’t too bad.

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