ACCLUWith the recent Supreme Court decision (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission) opening the door to the burgeoning field of Corporate Civil Rights (by allowing unlimited Corporate spending on issue advertising), it is vitally important to find a reliable champion of and advocate for these and other Corporate civil rights. Although the ACLU correctly filed an amicus brief supporting the free speech of Citizens United, the ACLU is not a reliable ally on many issues and cannot be fully trusted. Therefore, a new organization is formed: the ACCLU (American Corporate Civil Liberties Union). You may notice that the ACCLU logo is substantially similar to the current ACLU logo, but I’m sure they’ll be okay with ‘fair use‘ or ‘parody‘ or whatever.

The ACCLU  is designed to be an advocate for Corporate Civil Rights, which will become more important as these rights become more accepted by the general populace. Eventually, we hope to provide all of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship to Corporations, as is their natural birthright (or ‘incorporation right‘). [See my previous posts on this subject here, here, here, and here] Although I am sure the Founding Fathers meant to include these rights in the Constitution, it nonetheless didn’t happen that way, and needs to be remedied now.

I would like to encourage you to support the ACCLU in any way possible, because these poor Corporations can’t support themselves. Corporations have been oppressed for too long, with no real power or influence, and they need your help to break free of their shackles.


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