Operation Exodus

Operation ExodusIt’s not only the Oath Keepers (previous posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that understand that you can’t depend on the government in times of crisis. In Bossier Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff Larry Deen is launching Operation Exodus, which aims to arm and train 200 local volunteers to help protect ‘vital areas’ in the event of an emergency.

Sheriff Deen says he got the idea just after the September 11, 2001, attacks when President Bush spoke from the local Air Force base. Deen and others barricaded the entrances to the Air Force base to protect the President from an attack that fortunately never materialized.  On February 20, 2010, the Operation Exodus volunteers met for the first training session, just 8½ years after the fateful attacks of 9/11 (and one year to the day after the inauguration of President Obama). During this training, they learned hand-to-hand combat techniques. Later they’ll train with their shotguns and .50-caliber machine gun mounted on the “War Wagon”.

But why now? What exactly is this group for? Sheriff Deen said in a press release:

As evidenced by recent terror threats, it is apparent that homegrown terrorists are in our midst. With the easy accessibility of the internet, it is quite possible that these local and international terrorists can form a national or multiple location attack on our nation at any given moment. And no matter whether we are a direct target or not, fear and panic will still permeate our community. Control will have to be regained to ensure the safety of our residents. That is where Operation Exodus comes into play. It utilizes preventive measures to safeguard Bossier Parish from the fear and outcry that will inevitably transpire.


The name Operation Exodus was chosen for three reasons. The word “Exodus” literally means “going out” or “departure.” For the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, Operation Exodus is a “departure” from our normal duties to amplify the protection we provide our citizens. As for the volunteers, they will be “going out” of their way to help the people of the community. And the last reason it was chosen is because of its Biblical relevance. In the book of Exodus, the Israelites were totally on their own, learning to be self-sufficient and handle everything alone, just as the plan provides.

All three of those reasons make perfect sense. The Operation does bring to mind the Biblical story of the Exodus, where the righteous Israelites escaped the oppression of Egypt. Moses and Aaron had asked Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, but Pharaoh’s heart was hardened to God’s command. Then God punished Egypt with Plagues until finally the Israelites were able to escape their bondage (in the Exodus), become the chosen people, and receive the Ten Commandments. The parallels are uncanny.


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