Same Thing

EmailI know that democrats are for gay rights, but I didn’t know that it extended all the way to homophones.

A couple of emails came in explaining that what I heard on the News wasn’t ‘demon pass’, but rather ‘deem and pass’ (also known as the ‘Self-executing Rule’ or the ‘Slaughter Rule’). Well, they can spell it however they want to, but everyone will still know what they really mean. When you hear the words ‘Slaughter’ and ‘self-executing’ bandied about, it’s no wonder I heard it as ‘demon’.

But it’s not important what they call the maneuver. What’s important is that they’re using a parliamentary trick to pass something against the will of the American People. They are apparently forgetting that this is a democracy. The root of the word is from the Greek demokratia, or the ‘Rule of the People’. Well, I’m a person, and I say Kill the Bill.

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