Faking the Climate Change Numbers

Newsweek HoaxLeftist scientists and environmental alarmists are pushing the extremist climate change agenda, but the American People are much too smart for them. You can’t make the American People believe something  that doesn’t make sense on the face of it; it just won’t work. And that’s not just my opinion. Take a look at this Rasmussen poll about Climate Gate, as reported on FOX & Friends on December 4, 2009:Climate Change Poll

It’s clear that these activist scientists aren’t fooling anyone. If you add the first two numbers (59% and 35%) together, you see that fully 94% of the people polled believe that scientists either might be falsifying or are falsifying research to support their far-left agenda. I’ll say that again. According to this poll, fully 94% believe that the scientists might be making up numbers, whatever numbers they think people will believe on behalf of their partisan agenda.

Only the remaining 26% of those polled believe that it’s not very likely that scientists were falsifying their data. And notice that no one, not one single respondent, said that the scientists definitely weren’t falsifying data. Apparently, even the most pro-scientist respondents only said that it was not very likely that they were committing fraud.

These climate change scientists must think that the American People are gullible, that they can’t see through research that just doesn’t add up. I guess when you don’t have the facts on your side you’ll use whatever trickery you can. But watch out, scientists, the American People are smarter than you think.


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