Well, Some of the Victors

TEAYou might have noticed that a lot of the SBOE vote totals don’t add up to fifteen (the total number of Board Members). Some of these were due to Board Members abstaining, but not all of them. At a certain point last Thursday, Board Member Mary Helen Berlanga left, saying:

“I’ve done all I can do today, folks. I’ve listened, tried to work with you, given you names, come back with new amendments to satisfy everyone — and nothing works. You complained about the lists (of Hispanic figures) being too long … And now it looks like you’re able to put in the names all of these people, God knows who they are. [Referring to other lists of people who were added to the standards] So I’ve had it … I’m leaving for the evening. Everyone can go ahead and remove the Tejanos who died at the Alamo and we can all pretend that we live in white America and Hispanics don’t exist … To say that America has always treated everyone fairly is a total distortion … I hate to always be the one who brings those things up, but if I don’t, I’m contributing to the distortions”

Of course, after she left there was even less Hispanic representation.

But that’s only one fewer vote, and some of these new standards were passed with much less than fourteen total votes. That’s explained by the fact that some of the Board Members left at the end of the day, while the rest stayed to do the Lord’s work. That kind of dedication to changing the way that our children are educated is just inspiring.

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