Entitlement Programs

Harry ReidAt the Health Care Summit, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said:

“I say to my friend, Lamar [Alexander, Republican Senator from Tennessee], who I have great respect and admiration for, you’re entitled to your opinions, but not your own facts. Your opinion is something that is yours, and you’re entitled to that, but not your own set of facts. Senator Moynihan said that many years ago, and that’s what we have to do here today. Let’s make sure that we talk about facts.”

Well, with all due respect, everyone is entitled to their own facts. This is America. You don’t get to decide what is or isn’t true, or what I know is or isn’t true. My opinion, which you so graciously allow me, is that my facts are correct. And since they are correct, my opinion is no longer an opinion, but a statement of fact. Which proves that my facts are facts. Tautology proven. I don’t understand what is so complicated about that.


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